Month: November 2017

Archa NGO Christmas sale

I was very glad for the invitation to the first Christmas sale at Archa NGO hospice in Bánovce n/B, organized by Archa chairwoman Renka Streicher. Accompanied by my grandmas and with MUDr. Hufman from local Red Cross we spent a

Sunday visit at hospice

The sunny November Sunday was louring us for a nice trip. Together with the sun-rays I was pleased from a phone call from grandma Martuška, who organized a trip to lonely senior citizen. We were on our way in an

Day of beauty for grandmas

One nice November day my grandmas met for a party at grandma Ankas place. The great beauticians Lubka and Danielka were expecting them to pamper them as queens for whole afternoon. Everything was in place including a massage mat, sweets,

Angels half century

Short after Halloween I visited a nice couple in Trenčiansky region. Granpa Milan and Grandma Terka are living each for the another for nice 56 years! The mutual love energy, kindness an sacrify was radiating to make me blind to

Grandmas on the hiking trip to the nature.

Last October days we went with grandma Anka and grandma Martuška for a short hiking trip to the nature. We received a “reward” .. check a 2min video, which transponds you 30 year to the history in a typical comfortable

Elenka´s piano late afternoon

During this rainy days I visited Elenka, living in a nearby village to Bánovce n/B. I enjoyed a nice time at the piano performance. She is really good at it! She would like to show her broad repertoire to other