How it works

The unique project GRANDDAUGHTER effectively solves the loneliness of the senior people, who are temporary or long term isolated from the community or socially isolated, for example the lone seniors, immobile or other ways handicapped people, so as the hospital patients or the patients bed confined at home. To eliminate the loneliness and to create the good mood based on genuine interest in the lonely person the empathetic volunteers of our NGO are regularly making phone calls to the service users and visiting them. It aides to create the feeling to be needed and creates a “family” cohesion feeling. The volunteers provide active interest in the service user needs, worries, pleasures, they can eventually take them for the trip, family visit or just for a walk, adjusting themselves to service user imagination of free time activity.
Feeling of solitude is many times a result of the lost contact with the relatives for many reasons as is the address change, work change, moving out, being busy or loosing the contact with friends, social life or community. These lonely people suffer from depressions without the human interaction – forgotten, left alone in their flats, in their houses or in the hospices, they don’t have anybody to talk to, nobody is interested in them, nobody contacts them, visits them….

Short 5min video of GRANDDAUGHTER with senior citizen
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The purpose of the phone calls and visits is to make disappear the feeling of loneliness, frustration and possible depression appearance of the people, who based on different reasons live alone, are lonely, do not fave any family, or their family lives far away, or people who are isolated based on their medical status or immobile people. The feeling of presence of close other human being, who is interested in them, is very important to everybody. The GRANDAUGHTER volunteer Janka is making the phone call or making a visit in friendly, relaxed atmosphere to create joy, feeling of fellowship and good spirit.

In the mutual contact the top interest is to put in time spent together to make it most pleasurable for the service recipient so it feels like being with family. For example having a tee or coffee or just sit together in the garden, at the park or by the water, go through the family photos, make a small snack, eventually make a trip to visit a family, go to the theater, restaurant, coffee shop, go hiking, make small shopping just for the joy or to attend a cultural event such as an exhibition, conference all according to the service recipient interests. The help with the modern technologies comes obviously with, as for the use of mobile phone, computer, internet, arranging administrative tasks in contacting the authorities, making small purchases, picking the prescribed medications – simply all activities which make life simpler and make the day more enjoyable, as it would be made by a real family member…

If the person ordering the service is a close relative or friend it would be a great help to be informed about the hobbies, interests and needs of the service recipient in advance, so we can adjust the content of the visits or phone calls to mace them more efficient. You can virtually adopt the elder who will be visited by GRANDDAUGHTER Janka.

All services for seniors are rendered FREE OF CHARGE!
The costs are covered by our NGO, who is benefiting from the donations, 2% tax assignment or other foundations support.
If you like the GRANDDAUGHTER project, you can support us by any means and that way enable the services of GRANDDAUGHTER to other elderly people.

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