Month: January 2018

Granddaughter is making progress

The last January day we together with my colleague Nika visited Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic based on invitation of the state secretary Ivan Švejna. We presented our project We were very pleased

Country history with Martuška

Martuška used to work as a teacher who was loved and respected. We checked the 1953 year 4th grade reading book, which I borrowed home for reading. I listened to Martuška for couple of hours about our history, about neighboring

The book energy of friendship

We spent long winter evenings with senior citizen and books, which inspire us to new ideas and questions. This particular one was given to me by writer Miroslav Kapusta with a dedication. It shows author nontraditional views and even nontraditional

Kollarovci musicians – a dream fulfilled

I started the year 2018 with a good feeling from the grandma Anežka wish became true. Her friend grandma Anka arranged this wish by a visit of popular Kolarovci concert. Anežka was once a member of folklore singing group so

Three kings greetings

Granddaughter Janka Three kings send greetings to all good people and are bringing joy and understanding