Your grandparents

Your grandparents, your experiences, your connection to their lives or hearts. Thank you for the nice photos you sent us, I like to share the clean energy that these snapshots literally radiate … I’m glad you don’t forget those who

Conference KROK

Thanks to the KROK conference in Trstená, where I presented our project Vnuč, I met new inspirational people. Anie Great recognition by the organizer V.I.A.C – Institute for Youth Support and Development for their excellent organizational art and the idea

Under the wings of my angels

The Crystal Wing Award I recently received for a project that creates a FAMILY for single seniors on this beautiful day of connected hearts was under the wings of my angels

Crystal wing 2018

27th january 2019. Iam a Laureate in the Philanthropy category.  It is a prestigious award to the personalities of Slovakia since 1997. On Sunday January 27th 2019 I was standing on the podium of Slovak national theater, holding the fragile

With beauty to the new year

Even the rural seniors are wonderful. An amazing day for Elena and her sister Edita, thanks to the sophisticated Sona from Mary Kay. And that we were hungry in the next few hours, the housewife did not leave anything to

Thanks for 2018

I cordially thank all those who helped me with the project

Christmas thoughts from the heart

We are sending our words from the heart to yours. Let them still be in our lives Christmas… Merry Christmas !

We are wrapping gifts, singing and spreading good mood

What a nice afternoon with my grandmas – gifts are wrapped, while we were singing songs and sharing Christmas cookies for the customers of the TESCO Bánovce n/B. ❤️❤️❤️  The senior citizen are happy when they are useful. Many thanks

With the poem to the elders

We went to visit the senior citizen in the hospices, surprising them with presents and poems, accompanied by Red cross old ladies.

Christmas time milestones

“The experience of visited people are just milestones in time but it warmed their hearts and made deep psychical impact” – this message of granny Martuška about the visits to her peers went deep under my skin and watered my

Christmas discount sale Archa

Every year senior Red cross ladies visit a special Christmas discount sale in the Archa hospice, organized by the great boss of this establishment Renata Streicher. You can find there unique artwork to decorate your house. This artwork is made

Stroking the soul in Brodzany

Grandma Darinka wanted to visit A.S. Pushkin museum in Brodzany, so we together with her friend Agneška managed to use last November sunny day for a trip. The castle history, sound fallen leaves in the castle park, majestic trees made

Ministerial visit to senior people

I would like to express my gratitude to the State secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Ivan Švejna in the name of our family of senior citizen for visiting Banovce nad

Indian summer with grandmas

Spending Indian summer time with beautiful songs with grandma Martuška and Elenka, nobody can refuse to take part. If you like our activities to create a virtual family for lonely seniors please visit too

Remembering grandpa Tibor

We are remembering our relatives who are no longer among us today. My deepest memory goes to my first adopted grandpa Tibor, whom I send a light of candle. He inspired me to start a project creating virtual FAMILY for

SENIOR FRIENDLY award received SENIOR FRIENDLY award, Our new friendship with Luna club and Bagar NGO who are yearly under the leadership pf PhDr. Miloš Nemeček presenting awards, for senior life improvement achievement, in Zichy palace Bratislava encouraged us. We are looking

Grandma Mária beauty day

Despite of her age is granny Maria going out. She makes jokes about needing it so we visited her preferred hair-saloon and made a selfie with the owner Magduška. We made a hidden camera spy video too. Grandma Maria was

Social action of the year 2018 award

These days we are celebrating our first anniversary of creating FAMILY for lonely senior citizen… October 9th 2018 stays in my memory forever, since I was not dreaming about it would be exactly a year of my first article about

Into the woods with the experienced woodsman only

Grandpa Milan is in his 80ties, but he feels in the woods at home. I could not refuse the wish of my fairy tale grandpa – to go and have look for mushrooms in the last sunny days of this

TV show Inkognito – a fierce battle

Many thanks to show participants Michal Hudák, Marian Čekovský, Juraj Soko Tabaček and Zdenka Studénková for guessing who I am and to Vlado Voštinár to confer the show amazingly and to be my ally. To all my supporters, who watched

DSS Nitrianska Streda farewell to the summer of 2018

Many thanks to the Slovak Red Cross and their active senior ladies team from district Bánovce nad Bebravou. We made a splendid farewell to the summer of 2018 at the DSS Nitranska Streda. I am glad that because our grandma

It is worth to follow inspirational Helenka

One day I started to chat just about life on Facebook with unassuming, humble grandma Helenka from the eastern Slovakia. I was shocked when she told me her age. Helenka I wold be pleased to have coffee with you, I

Summer day with a Soul of a Japan lady

A nice day with grandma Anička and the book Soul of a Japan lady donated by coauthor Katarína Kopcsány and Denisa Ogino. Thank you Katka and Deniska for an excellent book, grandma was very interested in it.

We are 11254 times the best regional social project.

This news gave us a big relief,… we won 1. place at the best social project of our region competition. Many thanks to everybody who voted for our Granddaughter project creating virtual FAMILY for lonely senior citizen. Pontis foundation announced

Inkognito – did they guess or not ?

Did they guess what am I doing or not ? It was a challenge… You will find out by watching the broadcast of INKOGNITO. TV JOJ. Many thanks To Miško Hudák for a nice conversation after the show live recording