Month: February 2018

Thank you Grandma

I felt a great deal of support after my grandma Anka was holding my hand tight during live broadcast of TELERANO show on TV Markiza. She felt my jitters, I was shaking seconds before live broadcast. I was afraid to

Winter afternoon with a poet

We spent one February afternoon in the tee shop Harmony with the poet Miroslav Kapusta. We were surrounded by delicacies and aromas from all of the world to complement our nontraditional worldview harmonically. Brave man to step into the lions

Honest assistant 100 year anniversary

It did not loose the honest metal sound after 100 years, intense and beautiful. Ever grandpa or grandma is safekeeping this house helper, no household was without. Touch of cold metalmake our hearts happy and made us smile. Anežka, always

History voyage with Milan

Grandpa Milan (82) who self-scarified lives with his difficult to move wife accompanied me on time travel to the world war II final days. We thank to the representatives and citizen of Miezgovce village for friendly welcome and excellent history