Month: October 2018

SENIOR FRIENDLY award received SENIOR FRIENDLY award, Our new friendship with Luna club and Bagar NGO who are yearly under the leadership pf PhDr. Miloš Nemeček presenting awards, for senior life improvement achievement, in Zichy palace Bratislava encouraged us. We are looking

Grandma Mária beauty day

Despite of her age is granny Maria going out. She makes jokes about needing it so we visited her preferred hair-saloon and made a selfie with the owner Magduška. We made a hidden camera spy video too. Grandma Maria was

Social action of the year 2018 award

These days we are celebrating our first anniversary of creating FAMILY for lonely senior citizen… October 9th 2018 stays in my memory forever, since I was not dreaming about it would be exactly a year of my first article about

Into the woods with the experienced woodsman only

Grandpa Milan is in his 80ties, but he feels in the woods at home. I could not refuse the wish of my fairy tale grandpa – to go and have look for mushrooms in the last sunny days of this