Our story

Mgr. Janka Danišová – founder / granddaughter
It seems unbelievable but I met my real grandmother Anna 70 year old only when I was 28. Any moment spent with her since that time in the year 2014 was a great inspiration for me. I did miss grandmother like this a lot. Through her I learned about the senior people world, many times sad and lonely. I am glad my mother found her way back to her mother. The GRANDMOTHER project is a natural continuation of my story where I want to give the best of me.

The Granddaughter project, which creates a family for lonely senior people, handicapped people or bed confined patients was crated in the year 2017, as a product of similar way of thinking, similar experience and natural need to be beneficial.

The inspiration to be beneficial to the lonely senior people came to me earlier – in the august 2016 at the small family party. My real grandmother was that time visited by a lonely senior Tibor, who helped her for many days with the gardening to create the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood. The “adopted” grandfather was playing this role for about two years, and I enjoyed our talks very much. Week after the party he left us forever in the age of 76 years. With my real grandma Anka we started to visit her friends, who from different did not have much social contacts…

Here comes to the scene my friend Nika. We created our NGO together and before that we organized sponsored children camps for the children of families living in poverty or children from the orphanage. Later we started to support the animal shelters too.

We got Crystal wing award 2018 in the category of philanthropy – Many thanks