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a selection of comments from the Slovak version

Ivan švejna
I have got interested in the social project of Janka Danišova – professional granddaughter recently. She is taking care of lonely senior citizen for about a year, and their meetings are a source of joy and support for them. I decided to nominate her for the Social achievement of the year 2018 award, which she is true worthy. I am glad to be able to support her at the start of her voyage and to approach this beautiful idea to its implementation.
I am happy to support projects focused on senior citizen sincerely. My highest appreciation to Granddaughter Janka and her team for fulfilling this mission. It is following a noble goal to make the lives of our senior citizen people better and brighter.

Darina Veghova
Janka I wish you love, health and smile in your private and professional life. It is needed to everyone without age difference.

Maria Michalova
Grandaughter Janka, I like your idea but it is possible to act like you if there is a big heart, full of love, patience, understanding simply the sacrifice. I wish you the best.

Jan Sipka
Janka You are douing a great work, I cross my fingers for you.

Jozef Skultety
Dear Janka, you are doing a meritorious deeds from your heart, don’t expect everyone will praise you for it. Everybody is self concerned, watching after himself so somebody don’t know his brother. You ignore these people and follow your goal of your good soul. Every lonely being put aside by his children to survive in loneliness will welcome your visit very much. Your good word, respect and love is your award. Many lonely people are waiting for this opportunity, not receiving it from their own children as a parent raising them up, gave them education is now left alone. It is a Christmas time, holiday of goodness, help, kindness and humility when we should put our thoughts to the good deeds of our granddaughter Janka so we cheer up our lonely ones. Dear Janka I wish you a pleasant Christmas time, good health a lot of energy to your next goo deeds oh help to the lonely people.

Slavomír Piešťanský
Janka I cheer you admire your energy which you spread to these people.

Mária Poláková
Janka I cheer you a lot, you are a nice young lady, who is doing something from the own heart, which is uncommon and respectable

Magda Beňová
You are a good spirit, please continue, wish you very best.

Jaroslav Libič
Janka, your undisputable work for us the senior people is priceless, so I can wish you many strenghts in your effort. Thank you very much.

Edita Slabejová
Janka!!! That is amazing! I am glad for you. Your wor is beautifull and I Know you are following the right path. You are an inspiration for the rest of us. Good Luck.

Život na zámku Hlohovec
Amazing what are you doing! You deserve a real respect. It is not only to spread a happiness but a big responsibility. We will support you for sure. Our senior citizen in Hlohovec elected a senior parliament, it would be nice to hear your ideas there. Would you like tom accept an invitation for discussion? We are wishing you many nice moments at your important work.

Petra Žwaková
God bless Your service. And He surely does, it is amazing.

Jana Bielická
Janinka it is superb. .. you are amazing, I wish you best of luck and energy.

Gaby Boorová
Janka I admire you a lot. You are an example for all of us, that if somebody wants to help with right heart, the correct way is found. The senior people deserve our time, attention and love for sure.

Irenka Herchová
Janka I’m honored and pleased to become a friend and admirer of your beautifull project. I wish you good health, many strengths, endurance and God blessings on your journey to many successful goals.

Mestské centrum sociálnych služieb Modra
What a great project! It complements the senior care ideally. Our caregivers are mostly focesed on the health and to provide the specific service omitting the companion role. We are glad for support of volunteer and Pedagogic academy Modra students. Lets join us girls ! It is the ideal way for all righthearted people to find a place to be helpful and to spread goodwill.

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